Thursday, September 21, 2006

How to set goals in a Public Sector Organization

Goal setting intervention in public sector organizations has become a crucial topic on government websites and scholar articles of recent. State and government personal agencies are very concerned with high rate of retirements and are preparing themselves for the upcoming highly developed 21st century and recruiting and developing their potential workforce.

The main focus of goal setting intervention in public sector organization is to ensure that these organizations continue to operate competitively and effectively even as leaders leave or pursue other ventures. This is a frequent part of social work organizations whose focus is aimed at fostering client growth. It involves the process of systematically identifying, assessing and developing organizational leadership to ensure that all important positions in an organization are filled. By having a goal setting intervention plan, managerial decisions, daily operations and resource allocations can also be set to improve the performance targets offered by such agencies.

The first step in goal setting intervention in a public sector organization is to know what the customers think is important. This is a salient factor which drives goal setting intervention and measurement in agencies and government establishments.

A big question to be asked is if goal setting intervention applies to the federal government? Well, don’t be alarmed because it covers the federal government too who have to satisfy about 300 hundred million customers. These agencies that are a part of the public sector organization must be the goals set by the President’s Executive Order 12862. This order is the Setting Customer Service Standard which requires agencies to offer customer service that is equal to the quality business processes.

The federal government faces challenges that are not unique to the public sector, rather a combination of both which makes the fundamental performance improvements harder to achieve than expected.

A small amount of factors can affect goal setting interventions and management efforts, but customer needs, stakeholders concerns and corporate resources must be put into consideration. The following are a number of critical success factors used for goal setting in public sector organizations:

· The involvement of stakeholders must be present so as to help in the improvement program.

· There should be a measure of their performance and use it as a yardstick against other organizations performance and business needs.

· They should systematically link improvement goals to the organization’s objectives and core business culture: this way a clear vision of the outcomes must be achieved at defined milestones.

· Improvement goals to day-to-day decision making activities at operational level must be supported by educational training programs.

· Ambitious and realistic goals must be set which should be a basis of the mission, customers’ needs and current performance levels which will challenge the organization to achieving great performance improvements.

A vital information to take not is goal setting intervention and process in public sector organizations requires careful consideration. In order to avoid negative consequences, the performance goals must be realistically achievable, at the same time, setting goals which are too modest can lead an organization to stick to the current work process which would be difficult to change in the long run, thereby creating counter productivity.

In conclusion, agencies need to make concurrent progress on important factors thereby agreeing on ther missions and goals and defining the outcomes by building data systems and staff. With these in progress, goal setting intervention in public sector organizations will be achievable and attainable.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Postcards from the Volcanic Spews

The volcanic unrest of the Mayon Volcano in the Philippines has led to a lot of tourists visiting the country.
The latest news which I heard about the presently active volcano is that, its been spewing ash and flaming rocks for the pase few days. This looks like a dangerous condition because it is possible the eruption may cause a disaster but the natives and inhabitats feel things are normal like every other day and believe there is no cause for havoc.
The tourists on the other hand who are visiting the country are moving around with cameras and lots of pictures and videos. These pictures and videos are documented and used as tourist attraction photos of the beautiful Philippine Islands.
A lot of pictures have been taken and are being used as postcards which are sent outside the country as tourist attractions.
This time would be a perfect time for photo enthusiasts to invest in taking photos shots and printing postcards for sale.
I have some pictures taken from the scene attached.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Poster Advertsiement that sells and kills

The image of a man wearing jeans and cowboy hat with mountains and horses in the scenario is like an icon for men and women from way back then. Already that image has evolved together with the developing media and advertising. Still the Marlboro man has that same effect no matter how much it has changed over the years.

This is advertising coming a long way and is still very much successful. The number of teens that took up smoking once they have seen that ad cannot anymore be counted. The powerful words plus the promises of relieving stress has been legendary. The advertisers and the printing company that made up the Marlboro man must be laughing hard on their way to the bank for making such a phenomenon.

The smokers? It took them years to realize and agree that cigarette smoking is dangerous to the lungs. Took them a lifetime also to come to the realization that puffing a stick does not make them anything close to the man they see on television and on print ads. Some sick joke has been played on them by the magic of advertising and printing and what is worst is that they do not know it yet, up to now.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Save by using Color Printers

In making a tri-fold color brochure, one is faced with deciding what type of printer to complete the job. The mono chromatic printers is a type of printer which can do this. The color laser printer is another type of printer which can complete the task as well, but the difference is monochromatic printers which offers different features of printing.
A color printer and a monochrome printer can print brochures and other print articles at essentially the same speed, but the cost of white and black prints is much more cheaper than the colored printer.
In essence, a marketing associate who is interested in making brochures will have use colored prints in making his brochures because essentially, full color brochures printing are usually more colorful, full of life and bright compared to the old monochromatic printers. But when we look at the costs involved, a monochromatic printer which is usually cheaper tends to cost you very little compared to full colored prints from the colored laser.
By carefully analysing the situation, the amount you spend on 100 folds of brochures printed by a monochromatic printer would be much more expensive than that printed by a color laser printer in the next 4-5 years, this is becuase laser color prints are becoming cheaper and replacing the old techniques monochromatic printers offer.
Although, mono chormatic printers have a kind of lasting effect, but a color laser can also do what the old printers do, so why not get your prints done by a color laser printer.


Marketing your Print Ads

Marketing is an essential part of running a business. The need to survive and compete with other companies is very important. A very important aspect of marketing is the use of prinnt avertisement. Print adverts have been in the industry for a long time now and its use would still be employed.
Examples of print advertisments can be brochures, flyers, postcards, postures, labels and so on and so forth. The first impression a print ad creates is what makes the perso holding it decide. It must be creative and look very flexible and eye catchy. Adding colors to these print ads is another important thing to look at. COlors are what makes the ads create lasting impressions. They give life to your marketing message thus creating lasting impressions.
Printing in full color is not a hassle anymore. There are lots of full color printing services offered by many printing companies online. What’s good about these services is that they can be acquired at prices within your means. This means less expense on the print production cost of your marketing pieces. So the next time you print your business documents just think of what full color printing can do for you.

So to secure the interest of your customers, Full color printing is here to serve you with the various full color printing options.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No two colors are the same

Colors vary between the printing based from printing processes used. Of course. You cannot expect the same colors to be printed the way it is in the more articulate full-color digital prints. If you are thinking otherwise, then it is best that you try and go back to learning about CMYK and Pantone color prints.
Printer calibration also has that effect on colors. If you look closer, the prints you made earlier is not the same as the pints you have just made. The way you have programmed your printer will not always give you the same results.
So if you want the same colors to appear in your business, it is important that you know how the color printing process works. Since consistency is one factor you want to project, then it is vital that you know how to make the most of the process.
Oftentimes, colors is what makes businesses successful. They make people remember. Incorporate what color your business should have so you and your business will not be any different from those thriving one.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Impressions and what they can do

Impressions are blurry ideas in which confidences are given. Catalogs, for instance, must leave a lasting and positive first impression. Before they can encourage potential readers to read on, they must entice them first to come closer and take a look at them.

To complete the marketing formula, the company or its marketer must entrust the potential masterpieces to a master in catalogs printing. If you have hesitations and worries ask the pool of experts that surround the color printing company. They will help you seek solutions to your catalogs printing dilemmas.

In the production of catalogs, areas of concentration must be established and considered. Some product need not be included in the catalog while some are indispensable.

After selection is categorization or grouping. There are products that can be grouped as one while there are products that need to be presented singly. Samples of these products are the feature for the month and the freshly released products.

Next to categorization is the process of creating descriptions. Descriptions must be exact or definite. You can begin by writing the name of the product or service followed by its features.

Always make a good impression!


Colors and Brochures

There are various color brochure printing processes available these days. The first is the two-color brochure printing. As the name implies, it only uses two colors. Most often it comes in black and white or a monochrome of a color. This is the cheapest kind of printing process for brochures. However, this may not be applicable to all designs. Some may appear classic, some may appear dull and lifeless.
Another process is the 4 color brochures printing. Most of the catchy brochures we have these days are printed in this process. 4 color brochures printing uses CMYK colors. These are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These colors are used to create other colors that will complement the colors in your design. There are computer software programs that convert any text or image to CMYK. In this manner, it will be easy for the printers to work on your brochure printing needs.
One of the main highlights why lots of people are choosing 4 color printing is that the inking or mixing process is computer-controlled. Moreover, they are getting consistent colors all throughout the printing job. Plus they are getting it at a competent price. These are probably the reasons why 4 color brochures printing is the most popular choice among savvy entrepreneurs.
PMS or pantone color and six color printing can also be had. Only that these processes are exorbitant. However, the choice is yours to make…


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Capture Reality thru Colors Fantasy

Color means lots of things. It conveys moods, emotions, message and character. It can be a symbol, warning or threat. It can motivate, dishearten, heal, infuriate and inspire. It can be many things.

Colors can bring life to any picture. It can seize 100% image precision. In fact, it can do even better. What seems to be pale, plain and boring can turn out to be magnificent and captivating. This is the reason why colors are indispensable to commercial color printing.

The fame of color printing paved way for excellence in marketing tools like postcards, business cards, brochures, catalogs and the likes. Full color commercial printing uses four screens and four inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to produce impressive original or desired color for graphics, images and texts.

The lifeblood seems to be the use of colors. Gone are the days of lifeless images and pictures. A solid proof that colors can be enjoyed by all even by the elusive thing called reality in images.