Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Brochures that have heroin content

When persons get hooked in heroin, they would do anything just to get their hands on that stuff. Seems that nothing can come close to the appeal that heroin has over any other drugs and non-drugs. How many brochures have this same Heroin appeal that have their readers begging to get a copy of and asking for more?

Not much, if you think about it. If you do not have what people wanted to see in brochures, you get ignored. If you have it in them, it does not guarantee the readers coming back to get you again. Putting on the best designs and styles cannot always work either as there are others out there much better than yours. There are always others much better than what you have.

Making readers addicted and hooked on you will not make you a bad influence to them. And it is not also against the law to do it. The only problem you may encounter is getting enough materials to give those addicted people who may want all the copies they can get. And printing them in time for their next dose.


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