Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Earth-friendly prints

Since the people only has one planet to live in, it will not take a lot of intelligence and high IQ to realize that the responsibility to take care of it is on the hands of the people. Since there are no more choices of planet to choose from, then earth it is.
That is why many people are campaigning about how to take care of our environment and the hazards that are causing deterioration to it. Although continuously ignored, some are already taking the responsibility and thinking out ways on doing their part in the preservation of the environment.
What about printing companies? If you have not heard about printing technologies that reduces harmful effects to the environment, obviously you know now. The ‘Green Partner” movement aims for printing technologies to adhere to environmentally-friendly steps in reducing chemicals and substances that are inherent in printing and that has negative effects to the environment. In accordance, the technologies that are use maintain its friendliness to the environment while still giving the best quality prints. Being earth-friendly is not a barrier in the printing industry. It is how quality and harmlessness is combined that serves as the challenge for these companies.
Prints do not have to be green to be friendly. Any color is friendly as long as the process is correct.


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