Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Flaunting your real, true colors

Try to imagine that films do not anymore exist. And that the only thing you can use to print color photos is through computers. Now, your family is living far away from you and the only source of getting to see you is from the pictures you send. Of course, you may want to see them in your best. And your latest picture shows off the tan that your friends in Poland would have died for. At least that is what you see in your monitor.

So it is quite shocking that your friends replied to you asking where your tan is and your family saying that you look too pale and needs some sun. Depressing, isn’t it?

Linx 6800 Swift printer may have the solution to that tan problem of yours. With much clearer screen, full keyboards and a WYSIWYG message display, your true colors can be printed to your liking. These colored photos can even be selected and edited the first time. With these new technologies, having yourself in print is just like seeing the you in person.

You would not want for people to have the wrong conception of you in your pictures, do you? Then use the proper printer. Now, you can definitely flaunt your tan.


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