Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Leaving printing to the machines

The colors you get with Macintosh match the screen. What you see is what you get. The problem is not all are using Macintosh and not all have the resources to have one. For those who do not have modern gadgetries to print their colors on, there are still ways. Just be wise enough to pay close attention.

The printer does not have any idea whatsoever of the paper it is being fed. So you, as the human with the knowledge, have to check before you press the print button. Not telling your printer the truth would really make things awful. It is best to be truthful to your printer and do some occasional checking on what kind of paper you are feeding it.

Being too smart for your own good is good for in some ways. In this case, put it in its minimum. Manufacturers have already been ahead of those who want to have their printing done and have assigned the kind of papers suitable for different printers. The only people who seem to having a hard time matching colors are the ones to are trying to be fancy and screwing with the settings to make customized profiles. It is not always smart to be too smart.

The fact that the people who have designed these monitors and printers are way smarter than you should be kept in mind always. Leave your monitors alone and just wait for the final result. Even machines do not want to be bothered with the way they do their work. Give them that.


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