Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Printing technologies allow for rapid international distribution

International publication

Different time zones can post a major problem especially if you want to know to know about the latest that has been happening in the world.
If people really want to keep up with the news, it is only a click away
from the computer.

The printing industry may have already answered the need of those
who want to read the news in print or on paper. Allowing a certain
country’s publication to be printed on another country is not something
new anymore. What is quite new is what John Burke has mentioned in
his article about letting these prints be published even before the host
country had theirs.

This is just following their respective time zone difference. But not in
favor of those who probably be disturbed by what is written and will not
hesitate to call the ones who are still in the midnight time zone if you get
what I mean?

I think this would give delivery services and shipments a run for their
money if ever online printing would become the trend and would not be
needing their services anymore.


Point taken

There was a point there about having someone asking to have information about your business or company and what do you give in return? A website URL or a link? Think how hard it is to memorize those things if given to you,
let’s say, in a gathering. If I was the receiver, I would probably not
remember it. Save maybe those who are either too interested or have the time to search online for that information.

I am sure many would agree with Mitch about the importance of
brochure in prints in the internet world. But if I were asked which
one I’d prefer, I would still opt for the print. Not that I am against modern technology or something, just being practical and sticking to practical solutions.

The obvious reason being I can get to read them while I’m commuting
or walking towards the office. And I would not need a computer on
my lap to do that. Or having a sandwich and holding that with the brochure
with the other. If I had more than two hands I would be best off with the online brochures.
Unfortunately, I don’t.


Friday, September 23, 2005

Gay and lesbian couples given their own space

I am sure many eyebrows were raised the first time they have seen two guys or two girls being married, in an elaborate wedding event, no less. For the outdated ones out there, this is already the thing now. Society has already gotten over the shock of seeing marriages of the same sex. Do your share by trying to accept that.

Occasional news and features about them are not enough so newspapers and other publications are now printing their wedding and union announcements in their pages, in answer to some equality project that gives right to these individuals to be more publicized.

The project is planning to expand more on the local and regional newspapers in order to increase the awareness about same sex unions especially to those who are still unaware of these things or those who are morally against them.

The campaign seem to be a success from the start as more and more people, non-straight of course, are putting on more and more announcement in the papers. Makes one proud that they are what they are and letting the world know about it.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Your Tax Dollars Delivering Good Design

Where some tax money are going to

Seems taxes are not wasted, after all. Those who are opposing against high
taxes in the government would probably have some thinking twice to do if
they only knew how their money are used. That is, if they are only aware of
these things. Peterme sure made some sense out of things that people have been seeing repeatedly but is taken for granted.
If you look at some of the designs and layout that other
government brochures have, they do not really cater them according to the styles that designersd would have preferred them to be, much to the
chagrin of perfectionists and those that have eyes for these designs.
If you look at some of the designs that public parks are already using,
they can be considered much more refreshing and pleasing to the eyes as opposed to those who just made copies for the sake of just making ones.
Having the proper and great design is no easy task.
Ask the designers. Cost some amounts of money too.
Better have good money spent on good designs
than nothing at all, if you ask me.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Setting an example or setting a trend?

Printing companies that are continuously upgrading their printing technologies to digital may suddenly be the target of Xerox Corporation. The focus would not be on the technologies being used, mind you. Or the competition between the capabilities of the machines being used compared to them. These companies would be hit on an area they do not expect to be hit; the effects of digital to the environment.

If the studies are correct, digital technologies have been found out to cause sokme problems in the environment. If you think about it, everything that has been modernized and enhanced are primary source of destruction to nature. What else is new? Xerox Corporation may be really into preserving or they just want to be on the good side of technology, that they are emphasizing digital technologies to succumb to being nature-friendly. Just for good meaure, their tools are ahdering to this same concept. The focal point point is the environment over digital technology for this corporation.

I wonder if they would come to the point of categorizing the full color commercial color printing that is safe for the environment and would just use the colors that is environmentally-friendly?


Thursday, September 15, 2005

3D printing

3D printing not on paper

If I may ask, what does a 3D printing looks like when it is printed in plastic and metal? Sorry but I haven’t seen one of those types. And what is the name of this machine? Are they being used now in the printing industry?

This is another addition to the modern tools of printing but not on paper. 3D is already being used in different styles in paper but not that much in metals and plastic. If I am correct in assuming, this machine would have to be expensive to be able to do that kind of printing technology.

I think advertisers and sales organization would love to have one of these machines. As they have already tried different ways of getting people to read about them, having them in plastic and metal materials is a sure way of another unique advertising strategy. Plastic and metals are rampant and are used prominently with many things, a better way of printing out prints.

I have heard of printing, embossing and putting on colors on not the usual things. But I have not yet seen 3D printing on plastic and metals. For the last time, do they look better put there?


Custom index cards from your own printer

Going back to the index card basic

When I saw the picture of Hipster PDA, I was reminded of an organizer and notepad all rolled in one. The good thing about using index cards is that they come cheap, very cheap. With everybody doing everything electronically, this is going back to the basics, big time.

Anne Lamott
said about the use of the different features of computers and printers to do just about any kind of design for these index cards. Designing them to your liking is not a problem, just do with some cool software and bring out the artistic side of you and put them all in the cards. Besides having made them yourself makes them more personalized and memorable.

If I were to do mine, I would prefer using colored cards and a colored clip to hold them together. Simple yet convenient. If you think about it, this is some sort of trend setting in the computer age. Not everyone is using them yet so that makes your work unique.

Nothing like the look on someone’s face when you show up scribbling something on your index cards when they are pushing buttons on their electronic organizers. Ha!


Friday, September 09, 2005

Rule of Thirds

Counting to three

Pigpogm suggested something that I have not encountered yet in photo printing. The rule of thirds he mentioned really did make some good changes on the outcome of the picture. Looking at them closely, one can see that some drastic change been done and made the picture look more interesting compared to the one not in the thirds.

This style of adjusting the photo more on the top, bottom , left or right is just like the styles that should be done in fonts and writing. I notice that more people are still using centered or justified. The number of printed materials that have used this style is enough to make it look boring and usual. There are still the align left which is also an effective way of presenting the texts.

The same things applied to pictures. The tendency is to have in the justified or centered perfectly from every corner. Most Full Color Printing Company: Commercial Printing have seen enough photos that are in perfect symmetry with the borders. Having them placed in imperfect arrangement is looking at them in a new perspective. Try the rule of thirds and see beautiful changes. Dramatic too.


Being the president has its advantages

So modern printing and advertising have not escaped the attention of President Bush’s detractors, after all. Local networks and print advertisers have rejected a campaign depicting the president superimposed on a naked torso. The aftermath of the hurricane has brought about people campaigning against the president and is using media in letting others know. The advertising media has been known to give out reasons for not publishing and showing the ad. Reasons bordering from censorship to anti-gay and anything to be able to free themselves from the scandal that this will bring.

Demeaning people through advertising is not new anymore. People have done it for years and successful most of the time too. With new and modern technologies to be used, there is no more limit to what people can do with pictures and images. To add injury to the wound, majority of the people have computers and internet nowadays. Even with no printed materials, the internet is a powerful tool in itself.

If you think of it on the more positive aspect, at least the detractors have some art sense and knows what to do with modern tools. Next time you see a “burning bush” on the internet, you probably wouldn’t relate it to the bible…


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Printing done with style

Sometimes when I do full color digital printing, i try to take into consideration what I am actually printing for. Readers want to read something that is easy on the eyes and simple to decipher. The kind of product you print varies and has different layouts and styles, so therefore, the printing style for each product varies.
In my opinion, one of the page attributes that is important next to colors is the
font. I would want my readers to not understand what I want to say just because my
choice of font is unreadable. Or they do not like the font I was using.
One of the strategies used for CSS is listing of the choices of fonts that one wants
to use and then putting alternative fonts if ever the first choice is not available.
This strategy is quite helpful for those who have their fonts in there already. For
those who do not have, choosing from the genetic fonts should do the trick.
There are a few other new styles to use in fonts that you may want to try out too.
Styles that appears as tricks to the eyes. For example, fonts that looks as if they
are embossed on a page but not really. Just how it was done that made it look that
Like Lachlan Cannon mentioned in his Printing with style article, he sites on the attributes and properties needed when printing for CSS style sheets.
I, being fickle-minded, would try some and see what will work best for my prints.
That is, if I ever get to choose from the multitude of choices.


Your paper choices

In color printing, there are many factors that needed a lot of consideration in order to have the right quality and perfection into your color printing and photos. It is not only the software being used or the printers that you have. Even the best inks can oftentimes not cater to the effect you wanted.

The paper that you use is one of the factors that can affect printing result. To have the right Full Color Printing, the paper quality should be able to compliment the prints put into them. Glossy papers, for example, they produce a shiny reflective base that produces rich color prints. This type of paper is best suited for brochures, catalogs and posters. Matte paper, on the other hand, does not have this glossy finish. It offers a more subdued texture but with an elegant look. Best works for prints to be easily read.

These two types of paper can be both helpful and effective depending on your Full Color Printing:Commercial Printing needs. Sometimes, the result can vary on the way you execute them and the style you do with your printing. You just have to decide and pick your choice.


Monday, September 05, 2005

Blog it

Television and media is not the only powerful medium in the “breaking-news” environment of today. There is a new style in which people provide first accounts on what has been happening in their place and letting people know about them. Blogging it.

Before the media got hold of what the city looks like right after the hurricane passed, there was already blogs written about it on the net. With pictures also. The first people with enough sense to take out their cameras and take a shot of the aftermath and post them together with their blog on some site can be considered the early newsmakers that have made the issue public. Media can not be at the same place at the same time but people can be. With just a few bare essentials and the picture to work for them, history is on the making.

Blogging is also where other people who want to help would have to go to know where to send their help and support. There are timely updates on the different locations and sites to visit where they can provide assistance to the victims.

If you think of it this way, blogging can be the source of news anywhere in the world. There is just enough information there and maybe the sequence of what is happening day to day to make you not wait for the news on television in the night. Or for the newspaper to come out the next morning.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Meet Digimarc

Do images have to shout to create noise? With Hollywood what it does best in tricks, yes. But with real life, besides being impossible, it is not yet been done.

How do you add noise to a colored image? Impossible? Digimarc can do that. Digimarc is one of the system used that adds a unique kind of additional grain or noise to an image to further make it more identifiable. This is also called as “watermaking”. This system is invisible for those who do not have the faintest idea what it an image look like if used with this. But for those who already know what to look for, it can easily be seen.

Using Digimarc increases the file size of a JPEG image making it required to reduce the quality in order to retain the same size file. That would be like editing just to be able to use this system. Reducing the quality will not make you a favorite among designers who thinks the the best looking designs are those that are in its best quality but also has the capacity to download fast when put into sites.

If you want to use Digimarc into your images and designs can add some special effects into them. Also side effects. More of the latter than the former.