Thursday, September 15, 2005

3D printing

3D printing not on paper

If I may ask, what does a 3D printing looks like when it is printed in plastic and metal? Sorry but I haven’t seen one of those types. And what is the name of this machine? Are they being used now in the printing industry?

This is another addition to the modern tools of printing but not on paper. 3D is already being used in different styles in paper but not that much in metals and plastic. If I am correct in assuming, this machine would have to be expensive to be able to do that kind of printing technology.

I think advertisers and sales organization would love to have one of these machines. As they have already tried different ways of getting people to read about them, having them in plastic and metal materials is a sure way of another unique advertising strategy. Plastic and metals are rampant and are used prominently with many things, a better way of printing out prints.

I have heard of printing, embossing and putting on colors on not the usual things. But I have not yet seen 3D printing on plastic and metals. For the last time, do they look better put there?


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