Friday, September 09, 2005

Being the president has its advantages

So modern printing and advertising have not escaped the attention of President Bush’s detractors, after all. Local networks and print advertisers have rejected a campaign depicting the president superimposed on a naked torso. The aftermath of the hurricane has brought about people campaigning against the president and is using media in letting others know. The advertising media has been known to give out reasons for not publishing and showing the ad. Reasons bordering from censorship to anti-gay and anything to be able to free themselves from the scandal that this will bring.

Demeaning people through advertising is not new anymore. People have done it for years and successful most of the time too. With new and modern technologies to be used, there is no more limit to what people can do with pictures and images. To add injury to the wound, majority of the people have computers and internet nowadays. Even with no printed materials, the internet is a powerful tool in itself.

If you think of it on the more positive aspect, at least the detractors have some art sense and knows what to do with modern tools. Next time you see a “burning bush” on the internet, you probably wouldn’t relate it to the bible…


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