Thursday, September 15, 2005

Custom index cards from your own printer

Going back to the index card basic

When I saw the picture of Hipster PDA, I was reminded of an organizer and notepad all rolled in one. The good thing about using index cards is that they come cheap, very cheap. With everybody doing everything electronically, this is going back to the basics, big time.

Anne Lamott
said about the use of the different features of computers and printers to do just about any kind of design for these index cards. Designing them to your liking is not a problem, just do with some cool software and bring out the artistic side of you and put them all in the cards. Besides having made them yourself makes them more personalized and memorable.

If I were to do mine, I would prefer using colored cards and a colored clip to hold them together. Simple yet convenient. If you think about it, this is some sort of trend setting in the computer age. Not everyone is using them yet so that makes your work unique.

Nothing like the look on someone’s face when you show up scribbling something on your index cards when they are pushing buttons on their electronic organizers. Ha!


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