Friday, September 23, 2005

Gay and lesbian couples given their own space

I am sure many eyebrows were raised the first time they have seen two guys or two girls being married, in an elaborate wedding event, no less. For the outdated ones out there, this is already the thing now. Society has already gotten over the shock of seeing marriages of the same sex. Do your share by trying to accept that.

Occasional news and features about them are not enough so newspapers and other publications are now printing their wedding and union announcements in their pages, in answer to some equality project that gives right to these individuals to be more publicized.

The project is planning to expand more on the local and regional newspapers in order to increase the awareness about same sex unions especially to those who are still unaware of these things or those who are morally against them.

The campaign seem to be a success from the start as more and more people, non-straight of course, are putting on more and more announcement in the papers. Makes one proud that they are what they are and letting the world know about it.


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