Thursday, September 01, 2005

Meet Digimarc

Do images have to shout to create noise? With Hollywood what it does best in tricks, yes. But with real life, besides being impossible, it is not yet been done.

How do you add noise to a colored image? Impossible? Digimarc can do that. Digimarc is one of the system used that adds a unique kind of additional grain or noise to an image to further make it more identifiable. This is also called as “watermaking”. This system is invisible for those who do not have the faintest idea what it an image look like if used with this. But for those who already know what to look for, it can easily be seen.

Using Digimarc increases the file size of a JPEG image making it required to reduce the quality in order to retain the same size file. That would be like editing just to be able to use this system. Reducing the quality will not make you a favorite among designers who thinks the the best looking designs are those that are in its best quality but also has the capacity to download fast when put into sites.

If you want to use Digimarc into your images and designs can add some special effects into them. Also side effects. More of the latter than the former.


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