Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Point taken

There was a point there about having someone asking to have information about your business or company and what do you give in return? A website URL or a link? Think how hard it is to memorize those things if given to you,
let’s say, in a gathering. If I was the receiver, I would probably not
remember it. Save maybe those who are either too interested or have the time to search online for that information.

I am sure many would agree with Mitch about the importance of
brochure in prints in the internet world. But if I were asked which
one I’d prefer, I would still opt for the print. Not that I am against modern technology or something, just being practical and sticking to practical solutions.

The obvious reason being I can get to read them while I’m commuting
or walking towards the office. And I would not need a computer on
my lap to do that. Or having a sandwich and holding that with the brochure
with the other. If I had more than two hands I would be best off with the online brochures.
Unfortunately, I don’t.


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