Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Printing done with style

Sometimes when I do full color digital printing, i try to take into consideration what I am actually printing for. Readers want to read something that is easy on the eyes and simple to decipher. The kind of product you print varies and has different layouts and styles, so therefore, the printing style for each product varies.
In my opinion, one of the page attributes that is important next to colors is the
font. I would want my readers to not understand what I want to say just because my
choice of font is unreadable. Or they do not like the font I was using.
One of the strategies used for CSS is listing of the choices of fonts that one wants
to use and then putting alternative fonts if ever the first choice is not available.
This strategy is quite helpful for those who have their fonts in there already. For
those who do not have, choosing from the genetic fonts should do the trick.
There are a few other new styles to use in fonts that you may want to try out too.
Styles that appears as tricks to the eyes. For example, fonts that looks as if they
are embossed on a page but not really. Just how it was done that made it look that
Like Lachlan Cannon mentioned in his Printing with style article, he sites on the attributes and properties needed when printing for CSS style sheets.
I, being fickle-minded, would try some and see what will work best for my prints.
That is, if I ever get to choose from the multitude of choices.


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