Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Printing technologies allow for rapid international distribution

International publication

Different time zones can post a major problem especially if you want to know to know about the latest that has been happening in the world.
If people really want to keep up with the news, it is only a click away
from the computer.

The printing industry may have already answered the need of those
who want to read the news in print or on paper. Allowing a certain
country’s publication to be printed on another country is not something
new anymore. What is quite new is what John Burke has mentioned in
his article about letting these prints be published even before the host
country had theirs.

This is just following their respective time zone difference. But not in
favor of those who probably be disturbed by what is written and will not
hesitate to call the ones who are still in the midnight time zone if you get
what I mean?

I think this would give delivery services and shipments a run for their
money if ever online printing would become the trend and would not be
needing their services anymore.


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