Friday, September 09, 2005

Rule of Thirds

Counting to three

Pigpogm suggested something that I have not encountered yet in photo printing. The rule of thirds he mentioned really did make some good changes on the outcome of the picture. Looking at them closely, one can see that some drastic change been done and made the picture look more interesting compared to the one not in the thirds.

This style of adjusting the photo more on the top, bottom , left or right is just like the styles that should be done in fonts and writing. I notice that more people are still using centered or justified. The number of printed materials that have used this style is enough to make it look boring and usual. There are still the align left which is also an effective way of presenting the texts.

The same things applied to pictures. The tendency is to have in the justified or centered perfectly from every corner. Most Full Color Printing Company: Commercial Printing have seen enough photos that are in perfect symmetry with the borders. Having them placed in imperfect arrangement is looking at them in a new perspective. Try the rule of thirds and see beautiful changes. Dramatic too.


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