Monday, September 19, 2005

Setting an example or setting a trend?

Printing companies that are continuously upgrading their printing technologies to digital may suddenly be the target of Xerox Corporation. The focus would not be on the technologies being used, mind you. Or the competition between the capabilities of the machines being used compared to them. These companies would be hit on an area they do not expect to be hit; the effects of digital to the environment.

If the studies are correct, digital technologies have been found out to cause sokme problems in the environment. If you think about it, everything that has been modernized and enhanced are primary source of destruction to nature. What else is new? Xerox Corporation may be really into preserving or they just want to be on the good side of technology, that they are emphasizing digital technologies to succumb to being nature-friendly. Just for good meaure, their tools are ahdering to this same concept. The focal point point is the environment over digital technology for this corporation.

I wonder if they would come to the point of categorizing the full color commercial color printing that is safe for the environment and would just use the colors that is environmentally-friendly?


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