Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Your Tax Dollars Delivering Good Design

Where some tax money are going to

Seems taxes are not wasted, after all. Those who are opposing against high
taxes in the government would probably have some thinking twice to do if
they only knew how their money are used. That is, if they are only aware of
these things. Peterme sure made some sense out of things that people have been seeing repeatedly but is taken for granted.
If you look at some of the designs and layout that other
government brochures have, they do not really cater them according to the styles that designersd would have preferred them to be, much to the
chagrin of perfectionists and those that have eyes for these designs.
If you look at some of the designs that public parks are already using,
they can be considered much more refreshing and pleasing to the eyes as opposed to those who just made copies for the sake of just making ones.
Having the proper and great design is no easy task.
Ask the designers. Cost some amounts of money too.
Better have good money spent on good designs
than nothing at all, if you ask me.


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