Thursday, October 27, 2005

Expect to see some old localized advertising

Seems we will be getting to see more of those old-styles advertising that are door-to-door. Not much has been seen of them because of the internet and other modern communication and advertising facilities.

Nothing like doing it home to home to ensure being delivered right there and then. Plus, people get to read them in front of you if only out of courtesy but at least they did read it unlike if sent by email or snail mail.

Some basic things to remember when going door-to-door:

1. Be sure that it is not going to RAIN on the day you plan to distribute.

2. Try not to do it after 2:00 PM because you will be fighting your way among throngs of students going home from school.

3. Do not distribute over the weekend because of obvious reasons.

If localized advertising will be the next great thing again, printers should expect more customers wanting printing jobs done. And more salesperson knocking on your doors and making your life miserable.

Try to think of it on the lighter side, at least you get to shout at them. Not to mention, remember what company and business they are from.


Do colors really work?

Once upon a time, the Yellow Pages were, obviously, yellow and with black type. Then the more modern people in the company decided that they need to boost their sales more. What did they thought of?

Colors. They have somehow found an inexpensive way of adding red to the ads. Red border and red types that resulted to higher rates. A proof that color really has some effect on people, after all. No to mention a good marketing tool too.

Now that Yellow Pages are not yellow anymore, what about those other publications that have followed in their trend and have used the same yellow in their titles and colors?

With the new printing techniques that have come out already, 4-color ads are made available. And many new companies have variety of color choices to choose from and make it their starting selling point.

Does color really work? For some they really do. But there are those who do not make use of colors in their prints but still come out successful and well-known. Well, who’s to say? I guess it depends on the color or the non-color.


Monday, October 24, 2005

Digital Prints Super Sale

A great way of saying thank you is what Digital Prints Super Sale is doing. Nothing like giving discounts and special offers to maintain your old customers and even gain some more.

Although many people have the capability to have their digital photos taken, not all of them are capable of printing them out taking quality and price into consideration. Digital Prints Super Sale is giving that opportunity to people and may not come often too.

Not many people printing companies are capable of offering large format digital prints and I think what this one company is offering should be taken made the most of.

Does this company have any branches in some parts of the world? If there is, are they offering the same discounts and sale prices that the UK branch is giving out?

If it were me being anywhere near that sale, I would definitely take advantage of the offer because like I said, it is not everyday that people are getting offers like that. Really cheap for something more than the usual size seen in some.


Print for Sale

Art work is easier to do with all the tools and equipments that can be used to help achieve them. An added advantage; they can be sold too. A lot of people are actually buying these drawings and graphics like the art that is created using the hands alone.
At least people do realize the value of art done using gadgets and software. Whether it is a real-life picture or more like an abstract interpretation of something, it does not really matter As long as the piece shows potential, then it is considered valuable.
It cannot be denied that there are still some people out there not really trying to embrace the technology and wanting to stick to the old ways and styles of making an artwork.
Some think technology is evil and should not be incorporated with life.
Some also thinks that the value is seen from the time and effort put into it. If artists before have gone through many years to finish one work, that in itself is worth more than gold.
The thing with technology is everyone becomes the master that they want. And everything can possibly be done.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

What Bill wants, Bill gets

Bill Gates was not contented when he gave Microsoft and all its great aspects to the people. He wanted computer users, Microsoft users of course, to have a more enjoyable on-screen reading experience. That is why he made improving reading on the screen as one of his top priorities.

Expect new typefaces to appear in 2006 because Microsoft will be shipping its operating system and other software products. The typefaces are especially designed for extended on-screen reading.

Open Type technologies is a brand new font collection to improve the structure and clarity of letter forms. This simply means that stories and other forms of prints will be easier to read. The letters and words would not be mushy and soft looking whh makes them difficult to comprehend.

These new fonts will be suitable for both print and on-screen application. If Bill Gates can pull this off, it would be another big thing in the printing industry as only he is capable of making. I think those with not so clear “reading eyes” would be more than thankful if ever this comes out in the market.

People have a lot to thank Bill of. Imagine not having him and his inventions around…


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Printers, copiers and scanners, what’s the diff?

Nowadays, there is only a thin line separating printers to copiers and to scanners. The copiers and scanners that have just been machines before are now software that links directly to the internet or to any other means that can make printing handy and without using a printer. Colored too.

There are a lot of things happening to color prints. The innovative tools and machines that make them possible is a justification that the best color print should appear in all print jobs. Another factor contributing to color usage is the almost the same value and bulk that can be printed in B&W and colors. It does not take a genius to figure out that you are actually paying and spending more or less the same amount of time in the two kinds of prints.

Third is the fact that people want to see what the same colors they see on screen done in printing. Looks better that way if you think of the cheaper amount if they just made a colored copy instead of printing one.

Copying and scanning to take the place of printing in an option given to people. The people only have to choose how they will go about their printing needs.


Cheaper yet quality prints

Printing more for a lesser price is the trend today. It is what makes people happy and contented with the service you are offering. Companies taking their business online have become a prime and major source of information searching and gathering for most people. The convenience online services give makes people comfortable enough to stay loyal and use that kind of service more.

The challenge for printing businesses nowadays is to try and convince people of the importance of documents as medium of retention and as a concrete structure of something that should be kept a record with.

The one company that is continuing to give good color printing services is Kodak . To keep up with the technology-dependent world, they are trying to make new changes as well as developing the traditional printing quality that they have become known to.

There has already been a lot of printing mediums coming into existence. The game now is about who can give the kind of printing people want to have, digital or not. To survive is to evolve and be unique.

A lot can learn from what Kodak has been doing.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Google may be in for some competition

Google may be dominating the internet searches nowadays but it seems that it should expect some stiff competition to come in the coming future.

In a recent technology conference held in San Francisco, The owner of the search engine, Ask Jeeves, stated that the dominance of Google would not last for long now that there are other search engines out in the market and is making some progress, slow maybe, but progress still.

Everything usually starts from the bottom and work its way up. People should not underestimate the power of the newly developing technologies to replace the rather famous but old ones.

Ask Jeeves is expected to have a 35 to 50 percent share of the search engine market over time. You can never tell if people will find that search engine more useful than Google so concluding anything for the meantime should be kept aside first.

Anything is possible. Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow? It may or may not replace Google. Like I said, who knows?


Refresh to be a thing of the past?

The internet has long proven its value not only to many people but also to many organizations. Allowing them to reach more people in any part of the world. And making it possible to take printing into another dimension by doing it online instead of having to take that trip to printing shops.

Printing companies like Full Color Printing Company: Commercial Printing, should also be grateful with the invention of these online services because it eases some burdens that come with their line of work.

The only problem that people encounter in internet is the limitations in browsers that hinder the searches and browsing. This same thing has become a big hindrance to those who only want the fastest means of connection and browsing.

One of the newest tools being developed today is the need to eliminate refreshing a web page every time the user enters and receives a data. The refresh button has long been of use to those who may want to retrieve data or make connecting faster.

What would they put in the place of the ever useful refresh? Faster and no failing connection maybe. I think I’ll just sit back and wait for it to come.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Trish Tillman: Technology

Printing technology redefined

The article made some interesting point about how technology is making its way into the

world today and there is nothing to be done about it but to embrace it. In a way, the author
is telling about how some basic concepts should still be used.
Digital technology is continuously being improved and being pushed especially in the printing
industry. Some of the traditional means of printing has already been changed or developed
and even discarded. Works of art do not anymore take years to make. All you need is a few
digital tools and a computer to do just that.
The use of digital technology takes some skills and some getting used. Once that has surpassed,
then anything can be created and made possible.
Life is really getting easier in the times of technology. Getting complicated too.
I wonder how many people would opt for old styles with less hassles than easier
machines giving complications?


Theme Park Maps and Brochures

Take-out souvenirs

It is amazing how theme park maps and brochures have evolved since people have started using them.
Try picturing the days when all you see in them were legends and lines pointing here and there.
Having the best in printing technology may have been the answer to all the changes in the printing
style and application.
Based from what I have seen so far, the trend in brochures and maps tend to be something
of an abundance of colors. If that is not enough, the pictures depicting the locations and
landmarks should look exactly like the original one. If a tower is present then by all means,
draw a tower. The real color should be the ones used in the pictures too.
The emerging and growing Full Color Printing Company: Commercial Printing makes these
brochures not just something will throw away afterwards. They are more like souvenirs to be taken
home and shown to friends.