Monday, October 24, 2005

Digital Prints Super Sale

A great way of saying thank you is what Digital Prints Super Sale is doing. Nothing like giving discounts and special offers to maintain your old customers and even gain some more.

Although many people have the capability to have their digital photos taken, not all of them are capable of printing them out taking quality and price into consideration. Digital Prints Super Sale is giving that opportunity to people and may not come often too.

Not many people printing companies are capable of offering large format digital prints and I think what this one company is offering should be taken made the most of.

Does this company have any branches in some parts of the world? If there is, are they offering the same discounts and sale prices that the UK branch is giving out?

If it were me being anywhere near that sale, I would definitely take advantage of the offer because like I said, it is not everyday that people are getting offers like that. Really cheap for something more than the usual size seen in some.


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