Thursday, October 27, 2005

Do colors really work?

Once upon a time, the Yellow Pages were, obviously, yellow and with black type. Then the more modern people in the company decided that they need to boost their sales more. What did they thought of?

Colors. They have somehow found an inexpensive way of adding red to the ads. Red border and red types that resulted to higher rates. A proof that color really has some effect on people, after all. No to mention a good marketing tool too.

Now that Yellow Pages are not yellow anymore, what about those other publications that have followed in their trend and have used the same yellow in their titles and colors?

With the new printing techniques that have come out already, 4-color ads are made available. And many new companies have variety of color choices to choose from and make it their starting selling point.

Does color really work? For some they really do. But there are those who do not make use of colors in their prints but still come out successful and well-known. Well, who’s to say? I guess it depends on the color or the non-color.


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