Thursday, October 27, 2005

Expect to see some old localized advertising

Seems we will be getting to see more of those old-styles advertising that are door-to-door. Not much has been seen of them because of the internet and other modern communication and advertising facilities.

Nothing like doing it home to home to ensure being delivered right there and then. Plus, people get to read them in front of you if only out of courtesy but at least they did read it unlike if sent by email or snail mail.

Some basic things to remember when going door-to-door:

1. Be sure that it is not going to RAIN on the day you plan to distribute.

2. Try not to do it after 2:00 PM because you will be fighting your way among throngs of students going home from school.

3. Do not distribute over the weekend because of obvious reasons.

If localized advertising will be the next great thing again, printers should expect more customers wanting printing jobs done. And more salesperson knocking on your doors and making your life miserable.

Try to think of it on the lighter side, at least you get to shout at them. Not to mention, remember what company and business they are from.


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