Monday, October 24, 2005

Print for Sale

Art work is easier to do with all the tools and equipments that can be used to help achieve them. An added advantage; they can be sold too. A lot of people are actually buying these drawings and graphics like the art that is created using the hands alone.
At least people do realize the value of art done using gadgets and software. Whether it is a real-life picture or more like an abstract interpretation of something, it does not really matter As long as the piece shows potential, then it is considered valuable.
It cannot be denied that there are still some people out there not really trying to embrace the technology and wanting to stick to the old ways and styles of making an artwork.
Some think technology is evil and should not be incorporated with life.
Some also thinks that the value is seen from the time and effort put into it. If artists before have gone through many years to finish one work, that in itself is worth more than gold.
The thing with technology is everyone becomes the master that they want. And everything can possibly be done.


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