Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Printers, copiers and scanners, what’s the diff?

Nowadays, there is only a thin line separating printers to copiers and to scanners. The copiers and scanners that have just been machines before are now software that links directly to the internet or to any other means that can make printing handy and without using a printer. Colored too.

There are a lot of things happening to color prints. The innovative tools and machines that make them possible is a justification that the best color print should appear in all print jobs. Another factor contributing to color usage is the almost the same value and bulk that can be printed in B&W and colors. It does not take a genius to figure out that you are actually paying and spending more or less the same amount of time in the two kinds of prints.

Third is the fact that people want to see what the same colors they see on screen done in printing. Looks better that way if you think of the cheaper amount if they just made a colored copy instead of printing one.

Copying and scanning to take the place of printing in an option given to people. The people only have to choose how they will go about their printing needs.


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