Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Refresh to be a thing of the past?

The internet has long proven its value not only to many people but also to many organizations. Allowing them to reach more people in any part of the world. And making it possible to take printing into another dimension by doing it online instead of having to take that trip to printing shops.

Printing companies like Full Color Printing Company: Commercial Printing, should also be grateful with the invention of these online services because it eases some burdens that come with their line of work.

The only problem that people encounter in internet is the limitations in browsers that hinder the searches and browsing. This same thing has become a big hindrance to those who only want the fastest means of connection and browsing.

One of the newest tools being developed today is the need to eliminate refreshing a web page every time the user enters and receives a data. The refresh button has long been of use to those who may want to retrieve data or make connecting faster.

What would they put in the place of the ever useful refresh? Faster and no failing connection maybe. I think I’ll just sit back and wait for it to come.


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