Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Theme Park Maps and Brochures

Take-out souvenirs

It is amazing how theme park maps and brochures have evolved since people have started using them.
Try picturing the days when all you see in them were legends and lines pointing here and there.
Having the best in printing technology may have been the answer to all the changes in the printing
style and application.
Based from what I have seen so far, the trend in brochures and maps tend to be something
of an abundance of colors. If that is not enough, the pictures depicting the locations and
landmarks should look exactly like the original one. If a tower is present then by all means,
draw a tower. The real color should be the ones used in the pictures too.
The emerging and growing Full Color Printing Company: Commercial Printing makes these
brochures not just something will throw away afterwards. They are more like souvenirs to be taken
home and shown to friends.


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