Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Trish Tillman: Technology

Printing technology redefined

The article made some interesting point about how technology is making its way into the

world today and there is nothing to be done about it but to embrace it. In a way, the author
is telling about how some basic concepts should still be used.
Digital technology is continuously being improved and being pushed especially in the printing
industry. Some of the traditional means of printing has already been changed or developed
and even discarded. Works of art do not anymore take years to make. All you need is a few
digital tools and a computer to do just that.
The use of digital technology takes some skills and some getting used. Once that has surpassed,
then anything can be created and made possible.
Life is really getting easier in the times of technology. Getting complicated too.
I wonder how many people would opt for old styles with less hassles than easier
machines giving complications?


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