Thursday, October 20, 2005

What Bill wants, Bill gets

Bill Gates was not contented when he gave Microsoft and all its great aspects to the people. He wanted computer users, Microsoft users of course, to have a more enjoyable on-screen reading experience. That is why he made improving reading on the screen as one of his top priorities.

Expect new typefaces to appear in 2006 because Microsoft will be shipping its operating system and other software products. The typefaces are especially designed for extended on-screen reading.

Open Type technologies is a brand new font collection to improve the structure and clarity of letter forms. This simply means that stories and other forms of prints will be easier to read. The letters and words would not be mushy and soft looking whh makes them difficult to comprehend.

These new fonts will be suitable for both print and on-screen application. If Bill Gates can pull this off, it would be another big thing in the printing industry as only he is capable of making. I think those with not so clear “reading eyes” would be more than thankful if ever this comes out in the market.

People have a lot to thank Bill of. Imagine not having him and his inventions around…


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