Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cutting printing expenses additional two

You have probably heard about tips on how best to cut your printing expenses. And you probably have read just about the same things being said about it. Now how about some tips that you do not get to read everyday. Not really that unique but at least quite different from what is always said.

1. Evaluate printing technologies to identify innovations that can serve you and your organization far better than the current technology that everybody is using.

2. Assess the current printer deployment strategy to be sure that you have put the right printers in the right places to serve the right purpose.

The most common full color digital printing needs of the people are always achieved by modern technologies. But sometimes, for all its modernity, the result is not often as good as expected.

This is the time to try and consider the advise mentioned above. Maybe you just need to take some time off from the technologies and go back to a more traditional approach. Might work too.


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