Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Digital photos blown to its extreme

The better question should have been, how large can a digital photo be blown up?

What can be done to digital photos cannot be done to ordinary photos. Meaning those that are taken by ordinary camera, not a digital one.

The thing to remember is resolution. That is what matters most upon enlarging an image. Resolution in the original shot as was said in the article. The more resolution the shot has the more detail it will capture.

Digital technology is all about perfecting what was done imperfectly. So if you cannot make it better upon shooting, use Photoshop.

Notice the many beautiful photos you see more today? The quality would not be possible if it weren’t for digital technologies. That is why; many advertisers are also trying to outdo the biggest of displays to show their wares.

After all, that is the trend and what better way to be part of if than to do things digitally. Try to enlarge an ordinarily shot photo and see if it will turn out any closer to the original one…

Digital does that best.


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