Monday, November 14, 2005

Experiment by doing it your way

Even with all modern technologies are everyone’s disposal, it is hard to capture the perfect photo on film. Forget about digital innovations for a second. Let us go back to photos made by traditional cameras.

For those who have already mastered the craft, they would know how to get the perfect pictures caught on film. But for those who don’t know it yet, there are tips on how best to go about taking photos that will appear great on film.

One way is to keep the background simple. This helps put more attention on the main subject. That is the primary objective, in the first place. Notice that the best pictures have a strong and clear subject, with an uncluttered background.

Another way is to place your subject off-center. Compare a centered picture with an off-center one. Which one looks better? Subjects not put in the center makes the image stronger and more intriguing. Experiment the best position that will look its best.

Even though there are many full color commercial color printing that can do the job for you, try to do it your way. Try to use these tips and see the result.


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