Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How to avoid being fuzzy

In color prints, that is. Did you know that printing small type in more than one color is a nightmare for printers? Now you know. For some it may be a challenge just to keep up with what the customer wanted. If it did not turn out as expected, it would simply mean looking fuzzy or bad in simple terms.
Why do you minimize the risk of printing fuzzy color types?
You can minimize this risk in the following way. Whenever possible, print small type in one color. Failing that, print the type in two colors, but make one of them a very light color. An example of this would be a color made up of 100 percent magenta and 100 percent yellow. If the yellow is out of register, only a trained eye with a loupe will see it.
You can also minimize problems by setting small type in a sans serif face. And as a rule, avoid setting multi-colored type smaller than 10 pt.
Follow these steps to not have a fuzzy and indistinguishable color prints.


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