Friday, November 18, 2005


It has been an age-old problem for those persons who do not have that god-given smile and photogenic face to have their picture taken. The usual scenario would be too much time wasted on retakes because instead of smiling, the pout was caught on film. Even with digital cameras, timing should be perfect.
Many people would be delighted to know that Canon is working on a smile-sensitive camera. To further explain, these are digital cameras that will automatically take a shot once the subject is smiling. They call it Smile Shot.
Just think of all the film conserved. Not to mention the time and effort needed if persons want to make the perfect shot. It would be worth the expensive price, if it is expensive, that is.
People do not have to worry about saying things like “cheese” or anything as stupid just to have that smile on film. All that is needed is to smile a lot. You never know if one of those smiles is just right.


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