Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Putting a finger on negative space

If you’ve ever seen a logo that does not look quite right, so have many others.

Seems that the font look good. The icon just as memorable. The shades and shape perfect. But you are getting these signals that something is out of place. Something is not quite right? No specific factor you can point your fingers into. What is wrong?

Ever cross your mind that it might be the negative space around the design or logo?

Negative space is the space that surrounds a visual object. The concept is simple. The empty space around the words or pictures can make a whole lot of difference on how it is perceived by the persons looking at it. An image can look funny if the spaces are too large or too small.

Some full color commercial color printing may already know about negative space and how it affects the images. Then again, the designers may be the one who has initial understanding about these things.

If an image or logo is appealing, the negative space was done perfectly. If it is not, some changes is obviously needed. Try tweaking some of the spaces around…


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