Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Welcome back visuals

In the old days, visual graphics were the prime source of displaying what others wanted other people to see. It was only when the technology age came that these graphics were set aside to give way to more modern means of presenting materials.

It is good to note that, with Duralex, at least there are still other people willing to get back the printed age but with more innovative tools to use. With these tools are more realistic pictures and other techniques that can make viewing a pleasurable task.

Distributors of pop up displays like and Canada Display Graphics may have something here worth some thinking over.

Nothing like having someone starts a printing trend likely to be used by many. And many some will get the idea that old trends can still be developed to keep up with the modern world.

Besides, everybody seems to be going back to the basics. Not just in printing too. Look around and see some things from the past developed and presented in the now.


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