Monday, December 19, 2005

Printing from cell phones is not new anymore.

Many of these cell phones have already been internet capable so it is no wonder that people would have the capacity to do their business, and printing, on a anytime anywhere basis as long as they have their units available.
Merging with printer manufacturers only made things a lot easier. It can be expected that printing companies like Full Color Printing Company: Commercial Printing would follow eventually in this example.
The idea through all this may have come from the fact that many images are now being printed straight from cell phones. Think of all the people already owning camera phones and using them in their everyday lives. Why not other means of printing?
Printing from cell phones may be the next big thing that can come after printing from the internet. At least, there would be no need of a computer set to get on with everyone’s printing needs. Besides, the number of those who have their own cellular unit outranks those who have computers and internet connections.


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