Monday, January 09, 2006

Commercial printing demystified

There is only one right way to print the job and about a thousand ways to print it wrong.
This is true even with a single and simple printing project. The most important thing to remember is that printing is confusing.
If you need 5,000 copies of your fax form, you can confidently bring the original to a local print shop yourself.
If you need 5,000 full-color brochures, call in the design troupes.
Keep in mind that there are ways a designer can make a 2-color job carry the strength of a full-color job. Or make a 1-color job exceptional by adding embossing or a die cut for the cost of a second color.
Gutenberg developed a chart that defines basic commercial printing terms and describes the variables that make print jobs rise in cost and complexity.
In honor of his invention, an international panel of scientists chose Gutenberg as the most outstanding person of the millennium.
Today, printing is second to Agriculture as the largest industry in the world. It makes sense. Just think. Who needs more than breakfast and the paper on a Sunday morning?


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