Friday, January 13, 2006

I see strange colors…

Have you ever made a photo in your imaging program only to get bizarre colors when it got printed? The photo used to look great but now all the hideous colors are making your eyes water.
If you haven’t been in that situation, don’t worry because sooner or later, you will be.
If your printer has been doing fine and all the sudden this situation crops up, it is probably one of two ink related problems.
Problem 1: Your ink cartridge is empty.
The only solution is to visit your nearest office supply store and make a donation to your printer manufacturer for more ink.
Problem 2: The other cause of this printer malady is a clogged printer head.
If you have not used your printer in awhile and are reasonably sure you have ink in the cartridge, this is likely the problem. All it takes is one nozzle getting clogged for a ticket to weird colors.
The solution to this can be a bit tedious but easy. When the drivers for your printer were installed, there was probably a utility for cleaning the print heads. Finding it usually is the only challenging part.


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