Friday, January 20, 2006

Web pages that are printer friendly

Many people are finding it hard and a waste of money to try and print direct from the web pages. This can post a major dilemma especially if you want to get your work done quickly and without much ado.

For all of you having a hard time printing web pages, here is a quick way to print only the content without printing the extraneous material on the sides of the web page.

Place your mouse cursor at the beginning of the newsletter text you want to have printed. Left-click on the mouse and drag it all the way to the end of the content.

Next release the left mouse button and right-click anywhere on the highlighted copy and choose 'print' from the menu. When the print dialog box comes up look in the "Page Range" section and tick the one that says "selection" then click the Print button at the bottom of the box.

Another way would be to highlight the text as described above and right-click on the selected text and choose "copy". Next, open up Notepad or a Word document. Right click on the blank page and select 'paste'. From there you can edit out and print what you want.


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