Monday, February 20, 2006

The convergence of printing and electonics

What if you could print electronic circuits providing diagnostic or added value features on every package at a similar price to printing normal graphics on every package?
What if you could print wallpaper which could change to the kind of pattern you wanted when you wanted and was also your room lighting and a TV screen?
All these and other impossible things are now becoming possible.
Printing Electronics. Prepare yourself for a step change in the printing and electronics industries. People may now have the technology and the ability to explore new opportunities as the printing and electronics industry converge.

Without question silicon chips have had a massive impact on our lives since their invention almost sixty years ago. However, there are many applications where their cost, fragility and time to market mean they are not viable.
For such applications, a new disruptive technology is emerging which could ultimately have an even bigger impact to humankind than silicon had. This is the ability to print electronics and electronic components, using inks and conventional printing techniques.
The printing electronics of the future.


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