Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Font impression lasts

Presentation is the most crucial to all forms of communication. This is especially so when dealing with written communication.

A written message is stagnant. It needs to speak for itself. A great content is not enough. How the content is presented should be given focus to achieve effective communication.
Many communicators do not realize that style can override substance.

Now, how can you improve the quality of your presentation? Start from the basic. That basic and fundamental element of written communication is FONT.

To put it simply, font is the style of your typeface.

Why are fonts a critical aspect?

When used well, fonts or fonts mix can accomplish four important things; attention focus, readability, tone setting and image projection.

Font is your defense against reader lack of interest and your first shot at capturing the audience. With fonts, you create a positive and lasting impression and encourage continued interest at the same time.


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