Friday, March 31, 2006

Ink consumption 101

Printer is equals to ink. Each one is dependent on the other. They need each other to be able to work.

That is why it is important to pay very close attention to the inks you are consuming. The best way to do it is to educate yourself on the best way to maintain and make them last longer.

Be aware of the number of pages an ink will print. You can get this from the printer manufacturer itself. When you know the appropriate number of print pages, you will know your limitation.

Consider black ink. Black inks are fine if they are just for text prints. Colors are better off saved for graphics, drawings or other presentations. Besides, black ink are less expensive compared to colored inks.

Use ink saving modes. These are the draft mode. Most computers have this function available. This is your best option if you are printing a lot of not so important documents. There is no use in using colored inks when you will just dispose of it later on.

Education and practicality is the key to ink consumption. There is no other way to do it.


How pictures got into CDs

There was a time when these things were just plain-looking and ordinary. But now there are complete with pictures, drawings and images. Not just any other kind too but those colorful and realistic designs. These things? CDs.

Although there are desktop publishing layouts that do the trick to make these pictures come alive on CDs, others are using the more traditional and more effective screen printing approach. This kind of printing is what puts the pictures on the surface.

So it seems that some traditional printing does last. And that people do have to come back to the old ways to make better prints. But when you think of it more, there is no other way of doing it right.

Next time you see these kinds of CDs, you may want to take time to look at the pictures and images that are printed there. Try to appreciate them for awhile. It’s the least you can do for all the efforts that the makers have put into making them.

You may also want to check out the designs and try to compare so you’ll know what to look for whenever you want to have one those of pictured CDs.


Friday, March 24, 2006

Printing you can do at home

If only people knew what they can do with their home printers, then they would not be anymore in need of photo printing companies like Full Color Printing Company: Comercial Printing to do the work for them.

Although these companies have been known for their printing capabilities, more and more people are opting to just have their printing needs done at home. Why not? When the results are professionally done. No one would have guessed that you made it yourself.

Just like the ones mentioned in the article, everyone was so impressed by a printed photo that was made using a home printer. It was also complete with all the designs that printing companies would have been capable of.

For the computer and Mac users out there, you no longer have to look long and hard to have photo printing done to your liking. All you need is you computer or Mac and the best photo printer you can get your hands on.

Then leave everything else to creativity.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

When you want to be noticed and remembered

When you feel you are not anymore being listened to, or even read, you are probably right.

This is what happens when you decided on going cheap with your printing and decided on using the cheapest methods possible. In this case, no colors.

Studies have shown that using colors in printed documents have resulted in increased readership and faster understanding.

According to the same study, 78 percent of all consumers more likely to remember a message printed in color than one in black and white. Whatever kind of document a business is making, whether memorandum or presentations, color helps people remember and hear what is being said.

This is may be the same reason why many companies are using colored printers for all their printing needs. One reason is that color printers have become much less expensive to buy and use.

Actually, the prices of color printing have become so reasonable that many are not considering the fact that maintaining one can be costly in the long run.

Now, does color printing makes sense or what? Check out for yourself and see what happens.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The digital color world

Color has gotten more colorful now that they come in digital.

The article was advertising about what their digital color printing can do to every kinds of printing materials, big and small.

That company is just among the many who already does good color printing. This fact can be attributed to the more innovative tools that they are using. Four color printing was once a thing that not anybody can do. They used to need all the colors to pull up a colored job.

But now, even two colors can be made to look like a variety of many others. This is digital printing in the present. Final result in a matter of minutes. No more waiting for days just to have that printing job done.

And you do not have to pay as much for a quality print in the colors that you have wanted for so long. The same colors that you could not use before, being the price and quality conscious that you are.

Welcome to the color printing age.