Wednesday, March 15, 2006

When you want to be noticed and remembered

When you feel you are not anymore being listened to, or even read, you are probably right.

This is what happens when you decided on going cheap with your printing and decided on using the cheapest methods possible. In this case, no colors.

Studies have shown that using colors in printed documents have resulted in increased readership and faster understanding.

According to the same study, 78 percent of all consumers more likely to remember a message printed in color than one in black and white. Whatever kind of document a business is making, whether memorandum or presentations, color helps people remember and hear what is being said.

This is may be the same reason why many companies are using colored printers for all their printing needs. One reason is that color printers have become much less expensive to buy and use.

Actually, the prices of color printing have become so reasonable that many are not considering the fact that maintaining one can be costly in the long run.

Now, does color printing makes sense or what? Check out for yourself and see what happens.


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