Monday, June 26, 2006

Poster Advertsiement that sells and kills

The image of a man wearing jeans and cowboy hat with mountains and horses in the scenario is like an icon for men and women from way back then. Already that image has evolved together with the developing media and advertising. Still the Marlboro man has that same effect no matter how much it has changed over the years.

This is advertising coming a long way and is still very much successful. The number of teens that took up smoking once they have seen that ad cannot anymore be counted. The powerful words plus the promises of relieving stress has been legendary. The advertisers and the printing company that made up the Marlboro man must be laughing hard on their way to the bank for making such a phenomenon.

The smokers? It took them years to realize and agree that cigarette smoking is dangerous to the lungs. Took them a lifetime also to come to the realization that puffing a stick does not make them anything close to the man they see on television and on print ads. Some sick joke has been played on them by the magic of advertising and printing and what is worst is that they do not know it yet, up to now.


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