Friday, June 02, 2006

Save by using Color Printers

In making a tri-fold color brochure, one is faced with deciding what type of printer to complete the job. The mono chromatic printers is a type of printer which can do this. The color laser printer is another type of printer which can complete the task as well, but the difference is monochromatic printers which offers different features of printing.
A color printer and a monochrome printer can print brochures and other print articles at essentially the same speed, but the cost of white and black prints is much more cheaper than the colored printer.
In essence, a marketing associate who is interested in making brochures will have use colored prints in making his brochures because essentially, full color brochures printing are usually more colorful, full of life and bright compared to the old monochromatic printers. But when we look at the costs involved, a monochromatic printer which is usually cheaper tends to cost you very little compared to full colored prints from the colored laser.
By carefully analysing the situation, the amount you spend on 100 folds of brochures printed by a monochromatic printer would be much more expensive than that printed by a color laser printer in the next 4-5 years, this is becuase laser color prints are becoming cheaper and replacing the old techniques monochromatic printers offer.
Although, mono chormatic printers have a kind of lasting effect, but a color laser can also do what the old printers do, so why not get your prints done by a color laser printer.


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