Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Postcards from the Volcanic Spews

The volcanic unrest of the Mayon Volcano in the Philippines has led to a lot of tourists visiting the country.
The latest news which I heard about the presently active volcano is that, its been spewing ash and flaming rocks for the pase few days. This looks like a dangerous condition because it is possible the eruption may cause a disaster but the natives and inhabitats feel things are normal like every other day and believe there is no cause for havoc.
The tourists on the other hand who are visiting the country are moving around with cameras and lots of pictures and videos. These pictures and videos are documented and used as tourist attraction photos of the beautiful Philippine Islands.
A lot of pictures have been taken and are being used as postcards which are sent outside the country as tourist attractions.
This time would be a perfect time for photo enthusiasts to invest in taking photos shots and printing postcards for sale.
I have some pictures taken from the scene attached.